James Suart 2015 Image courtesy of Glen Jevon www.glenjevon.com


Conceived as a springboard for his original songs, Swervacious is the brainchild of writer/producer Swervy.  With an eclectic taste in music and over a thousand live gigs under his belt, it was only natural that his creative energy should find an outlet for the stage.  But to understand the music, you have to understand the man…

Brought up on a musical diet of Supertramp, The Bee Gees, and Clifford T Ward, James’ early influences later expanded to embrace some of the greatest acts of the last twenty years.  Indeed, you’ll hear shades of many icons in his work: Phil Collins, Toto, Crowded House, Daryl Hall, Level 42, Prince – all these and more have fed into his musical consciousness.

The result is a smooth blend of pop, rock and soul – all aimed at an adult audience who long for something conventional yet fresh, familiar yet exciting.  Call it AOR, call it MOR (call it Smooth AC if you like) – but whatever you call it, it’s pop.  And not just any kind of pop – this is pop music for grown-ups.

And so to Swervacious the band.  With a flexible line-up of accomplished musicians, this unique outfit has helped James bring his own style of pop to a wide and receptive public – from intimate bars and pubs, to clubs, theatres and even a stadium.  So look out, World.  Swervacious could be appearing live in your home town – while the smooth, catchy pop songs of its creator are coming to a download provider near you – soon!